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Health Care Access

TThe Healthy Families and Medi-Cal Program helps families and children to reduce a symptom of poverty by increasing outreach, enrollment utilization and retention into local the healthcare delivery system.   Our staff works to assist families in joining the program they are eligible for.  We also provide referrals to other healthcare programs including Access for Infants and Mothers, California Kids, Child Health & Disability Prevention Program, Public Health Clinics and Community Clinics. 

Additionally, our staff advocates different health issues facing the county:

arrow Community Health Collaborative ~ community advocacy and empowerment.
arrow Children's Health Access Initiative (CHAI) ~ community and government strategic planning
arrow Certified Application Assistants Task Force ~ Help with enrollment, utilization and retention
arrow CAA Training and support services on hold pending funding and state budget hearings
arrow Safe Healthcare Coalition of Orange County and Bi-National Health Collaborative
arrow Community Health Fair Events

Changes to MediCare Part D

Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit Informational Links: - Medicare - Health Care Advocacy/Council on Aging - Medicare Access For Patients Rx