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Community Gardens - Stanton

We are fortunate to support two community gardens in Stanton:

The Tina/Pacific Miracle Garden came about through a partnership with the City of Stanton, a Champion Mom, and volunteers who pulled together to create a space for residents to grow their own fruits and vegetables. This community garden helps to deter illegal activity in the neighborhood and is a common area for neighbors to come together and share their harvests.

The Stanton Community Garden, close to the intersection of Katella Avenue and Western Avenue, was made possible by a grant from Kaiser Permanente and through partnerships with the City of Stanton, United Way of OC, and other community partners. The main tenets of the garden include growing only with organic methods (no pesticides, fertilizers, genetically-engineered seeds, etc.), using environmentally-conscious methods, and building a strong community. Our growing roster of garden participants includes young families, urban farmers, veterans, and more.

For more information, please contact:

Natalie Anderson
Special Projects Coordinator
(714) 907-1505