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More than 50 Years of Changing Lives...

In 1964, President Lyndon B. Johnson declared war on what would turn out to be one of our nation’s most formidable opponents - poverty. This declaration led to the formation of Community Action agencies across America through the Economic Opportunity Act.

Community Action introduced into the national discourse the idea that poverty could be solved from within low-income communities by community leaders that arise from community uniting diverse sectors to solve problems.

In 1965, the Orange County Board of Supervisors created Community Action Partnership of Orange County to operate anti-poverty programs, bring resources to help local leaders alleviate poverty, find local solutions to poverty, and expand access to equal economic opportunity.

For more than 50 years, families have been working through our programs. We have continued to help them develop greater confidence and motivation to manage setbacks in their lives. At Community Action, the answer lies in empowering people to recognize and make use of their own unique strengths and resources in order to improve their lives. Our participants commit to playing the lead role in making lasting changes in their lives.

We do not do this work alone. Working with our donors, volunteers, local businesses, and the community, we continue to find solutions and resources to help people help themselves, and build strong communities. Together, we will fulfill America’s promise to the poor by reinvesting in our community so that we can help meet basic needs, create financial stability, further educational advancement, and provide employment opportunities.

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