Energy Conservation, Weatherization and
Utility Assistance Programs

Utility assistance programs helps low-income clients who need assistance paying their utilities, receive discounts, receive assistance during crisis and learn through consumer education how to conserve energy and reduce their energy burdens that results in savings. 

These programs include:

Make a big splash by doing your part to conserve water.

When you save water, you save energy. Here are some quick tips on how to get started:

  • Replace your inefficient pool pump, clothes washer and water heater. SDG&E offers rebates!
  • Run your dishwasher full and skip the dry cycle for extra energy savings.
  • Install low flow showerheads and aerators.
  • Purchase discounted water savings fixtures from TechniArt at a community event near you. Click here for the schedule of events.
  • The San Diego County Water Authority offers a variety of residential rebates on things like turf, rotating sprinklers, rain barrels, high efficiency toilets and more.


Tips for Cool Pools

  • Reduce the amount of time your pool pump runs
  • Replace inefficient pool pump with a variable speed pump - SDG&E offers $200 rebates. Apply here.
  • Shift the hours your pool pump operates to before 11 a.m. or after 6 p.m. on Reduce Your Use days and you may earn a bill credit. Sign up for alerts.
  • Downsize your pool pump
  • Reduce pool water temperature – for each degree warmer you keep your pool you may be paying 10-30% more in energy costs
  • Use a transparent pool cover that keeps heat in and allows the pool to absorb heat from the sun.

HEAP (Home Energy Assistance Program)

HEAP assists clients who are in need help paying their electric or gas bill.  Clients determine which bill they need help.  Clients supply information that will be used to determine an established benefit amount which will appear as a credit on the clients’ bill.  If the bill is included in the clients rent, the client receives a check in the benefit amount.  Assistance is 1 (one) time every 12 months.

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ECIP or F/T (Energy Crisis Intervention Program or Fast Track)

ECIP assists clients who are in crisis of having their electric or gas service disconnected or that their electric or gas has been disconnected.   Clients whose utilities are included in their rent DO NOT qualify for ECIP/FT.  ECIP/FT pledges are called into the appropriate utility company indicating an application has been processed with the pledge amount to postpone or stop the pending loss of service.  If the service is already disconnected, the client is responsible for all deposits and/or reconnection fees.

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CARE/FERA (California Alternative Rates for Energy, Family Electric Rate Assistance)

CARE provides discounts on the electric bill or gas bill.  The utility company providing the discount will determine if the individual qualifies for CARE or FERA, whichever is the greater savings for the customer.

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CLTS (California Lifeline Telephone Service)

CLTS is a discounted rate for local telephone service.  2 (two) plans are available.  Unlimited local calls or limited amount of local calls are available.  Any long distance, out of the area code or additional phone features are additional charges.

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Weatherization Services

Weatherization programs are designed to lower utility bills and increase comfort in the home.   All work is provided at no cost to income eligible homeowners and renters through programs offered by The Southern California and federally funded programs (LIHEAP/ECIP)

Weatherization Programs

  1. Federally Funded Programs- LIHEAP and ECIP
    • LIHEAP-Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program



Basic Weatherization (same as So Cal Gas), plus Health & Safety repairs, and additional minor home repairs.

  • Weather-Stripping – Low Flow Showerheads
  • Caulking- Faucet Aerators
  • Attic Insulation – Duct Testing and Sealing
  • Switch & Outlet Gaskets – Door Replacements 
  • Glass Replacement – Window Replacement
  • Combustion Air Ventilation  CAS Testing
  • CO Detectors – Thermostats
  • Exhaust Venting – Duct Repair & Replacement
  • Water Heater Repair and Replacement
  • Furnace Repair and Replacement
  • Blower Door Testing – Smoke Detectors
  • Higher Limits on Doors, Windows and Minor Home Repair


    • ECIP – Energy Crisis Intervention Program


Heater repair /replacement; homeowners only and after client has called Gas Co. to check appliances.

LIHEAP/ECIP Income Guidelines 2013

Family Size

Per Month

Per Year


























  • SOCAL GAS – Southern California Gas Co


Weatherization for renters and homeowners may include glass and exterior door replacement. The SOCAL program is available to income eligible renters and homeowners.  The guidelines for qualifying for SOCAL GAS are the same as LIHEAP/ECIP.

  • Weather-Stripping – Low Flow Showerheads
  • Caulking – Faucet aerators
  • Attic Insulation – Duct Testing and Sealing
  • Switch & Outlet Gaskets- Door Replacements
  • Combustion Air Ventilation – Other Minor Repairs
  • Natural Gas Appliance Testing

Check out the History of the Weatherization Assistance Program

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Refrigerator Replacement

A client may qualify, based on guidelines, for a energy efficient replacement refrigerator at no cost to the client.  Replacement consists of removing and disposing of the client’s old refrigerator and replacing with
a new energy efficient unit.

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Other programs operated by this department to help low-income populations include:

Information and Referrals

We also provide referral phone numbers for other agencies who assist with various services for the low-income and/or vulnerable population. The agency also provides application assistance to access other services.

Documentation Required

  • Valid CA picture Drivers Licenses or ID
  • Valid Social Security card or proof of Social Security number
  • Verification of total gross (before taxes) household income for the last 30 days
  • Current, within 30 days, gas and electric bills
  • Verification of home ownership for weatherization
  • Renters will need the owner’s name and phone number

For more information or assistance, please call our multi-lingual toll free hot line at :

For Assistance call:  714-839-6199 8am to 4pm PST.

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